Paris Hilton Plans Her Party Trip To Lebanon

Paris' Favourite Kind Of Cell

Paris' Favourite Kind Of Cell

Hollywood’s favourite ‘bad-girl’ heiress Paris Hilton, is planning to make the most of her visit to the Middle East with a trip to Beirut, Lebanon.
Paris, known as the Party Princess, will make a special guest appearance on July 3rd at the Forum De Beyrouth to host  – you guessed it – a party!
Hewdge reporter, Helga Hewston, caught up with ‘celebutante’ and Reality TV star Paris Hilton to ask her about her upcoming visit

HH: Ms Hilton, I’d like to ask y…

PH: Please sweetie, call me Paris

HH:  Whatever. …Paris, are you looking forward to your trip to Lebanon this week?

PH: Oh sure! Lebanon’s hot! I’ve always wanted to like, perform in Ohio

HH: DUH…HELLO!!??  We’re talking Lebanon in the Middle East, dear

PH: Oh sure, Ohio  – the mid- east… I love it – it’s Huuuge!  Have you seen my new video?

HH: No

PH: Cool! I’ve got like, 3 friends in rehab in Ohio

HH: Always a pleasure, Paris….

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2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Plans Her Party Trip To Lebanon

  1. Welcome Paris! And well done Hewdge for being on top once more again…

  2. This is an awesome creativity going on here, so much for the dumb blond coming to Lebanon. She was not allowed to use her bikini there, so she will definitely have a great time here and spread her fantastic knowledge.
    Yvonne S

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