Paris Hilton Hits Back Over Lebanon Interview


Paris Hilton, millionaire socialite, professional party-goer and convicted felon, is seeking compensation over an interview with a reporter from the Beirut-based blogsite, Hewdge, claiming the interview was published without her permission. Paris Hilton is due to appear in Beirut, Lebanon on Friday, July 3rd to host a much publicized party at the Forum De Beyrouth.

According to Ms Hilton, the self-styled ‘Party Princess’ was upset that the interview, in which she mentions how much she looks forward to  visiting Lebanon, a town in the American state of Ohio,  made her appear ‘geographically-challenged’. Ms Hilton added that she “totally knows where The Lebanon is”

She went on to say that the interview with Hewdge reporter Helga Hewston was not conducted in a professional manner and that Ms Hewston seemed ‘vague’ and uninterested in anything Ms Hilton had to say. Ms Hilton whined, “She was a huge bitch or should I say a HEWDGE bitch, and like, tried to catch me out on Lebanon’s whereabouts”

The woman at the centre of this claim, veteran reporter Helga Hewston, was unavailable for comment, but a spokesperson for the popular blogsite stated:

While we admire Ms Hilton’s ability to navigate around a designer store dressing room, her skills fall short in navigating around a globe lamp. Ms Hewston conducted the interview in a professional manner and is seeking legal advice over the ‘Hewdge Bitch’ slur”

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One thought on “Paris Hilton Hits Back Over Lebanon Interview

  1. Helga, thank you for your hard work and dedication to this cut-throat business we call journalism.

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