David Beckham Speaks Out On Healthy Clothing

Victoria Beckham1Dear Hewdge readers
The H1N1 strain of influenza is in the air. Not to alarm you of course, just our way of saying that it’s a hot topic….erm, not in a fever sense naturally, but in a ‘vaccine is ready’ sense.
Yes, everyone is talking about the newly-tested vaccine…should they or shouldn’t they take it? A big decision. What if you could wear a smart suit and thus avoid getting the virus altogether? Crazy? Not if you’re Japanese and used to wacky inventions.  Read the full story of the ‘flu-suit’ below.
David Beckham, footballer and ‘varva of free’ reveals how his wife and ex-Spice girl, Victoria, loves the idea of healthy clothing and is making her own leisure-wear plans to help protect against the virus.

Jus’ let me say I fink it’s’ clevva wot them Japs ‘ave dun. They ‘ave put two fings toogevva – ‘ealth and fashun and that ain’t easy, right?
Me wife Victoria, who ain’t ‘arf as fin ‘as wot sum peeple fink, ‘as been inspired by them Jap ‘flu suits’ and is tawkin’ about makin’ a Bikini wot ‘elps peeple stay ‘ealthy.
That is me wife Victoria froo and froo..…always busy wiv trying to ‘elp uvver peeple. Wot ‘ave I dun to deserve ‘er? Really…wot ‘ave I dun?
David B

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