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american breakfastDear Hewdge readers, before Helmut and I jet off to the Orient, we spend our last few days in Miami exploring our favourite past-time – food. In general, food portions in America are on the generous side, a practice which does tend to trigger obesity, heart disease and diabetes later in life. But who cares, because hubby Helmut, or rather chubby Helmut, finds dining out in the United States a truly wonderful and comforting experience! Dare I say that Florida food induces a Pavlovian reaction in Helmut, which has him salivating and reaching for the Doggy Bag? In particular, he DROOLS over American Breakfast, a hugely important meal and one which I firmly believe is higher on the glycemic index than the British Breakfast.

2558467231_f049ae9658-[gadling-bumper]Nowadays, American Breakfast is a familiar item on menus around the world, but here in Miami, beautiful and health conscious people usually limit themselves to eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, hash browns, French toast, waffles and English muffins, while other more devil-may-care, Braveheart types might feel free to order a T-bone steak in addition to all of the above. Below, a breakfast which could possibly induce health problems later

"don't eat me!"
heart-attack on a plate


At dinner time in South Beach, as in most cities throughout America, it is common to see the unemployed elderly, or retirees, as they are fondly called, dining out at the ridiculously early hour of 5.30 pm. Why such a time? Because so-called EARLY BIRD DINING is a special deal offered by many popular restaurants and helps get us old crocks off the streets, and in bed by 7.30pm, which is always a good thing!

old-people-birdMany ‘golden oldies’ like to go on cruises. Helmut and I ADORE Miami cruises, as it gives us a chance to eat American food all day long. Like restaurants, boats for seniors tend to get going a little earlier than normal.  Below, a forlorn couple of retirees have literally ‘missed the boat’ and quite possibly their favourite restaurant too.

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 6.33.06 PM

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One thought on “Going Global – Breakfast in America

  1. I want one of those – breakfasts, that is, not a set of cool octogenarian as, alas, there’s not enough space in my apartment. You trying to upset me? I hope all that grease hops straight to your hips (they call that ‘hop-hip’ y’know – not to be confused with that form of musical expression and artistic culture that originated in African-American communities during the late 1970s in New York City ). Looking forward to hearing about your excess charges at Beirut airport. Yours-purely-museli-for-breakfast. Will you be bringing back some snorkers for the needy?

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