Herr Frankenstein


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Herr Frankenstein, we’re almost there

Behold the thatch we call his hair!

The orange face, the deadeye stare

We’ll add small hands, large paunch, long tie

Plus, a great capacity to lie!

Let’s make him petty, unaware

Let’s make him tweet without a care,

Herr Frankenstein, we’re almost there!


Herr Frankenstein, our cunning plan

To pass this monster off as man

Requires more flab, a deeper tan!

Let’s make him racist, glib and crude

A bully of great magnitude

He must appear as Superman

To NRA and Ku Klux Klan

Herr Frankenstein, this is the plan!


Herr Frankenstein, our man’s complete

This monstrous engineering feat

Claims rules and laws are obsolete

He wages trade wars round the globe

And rails against the Russia probe

The world’s most oddly coiffed Deadbeat

faux family man, who lives to cheat

Herr Frankenstein, our task’s complete!


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